About 4x4App Inclinometer (Land Meter)

This innovative dual gauge inclinometer uses your iPhone to show the angle of the car's pitch (front/rear tilt) and roll (left/right tilt) on an easy to read display. It is designed to help avoid dangerous situations and potential roll overs while off roading or using your vehicle on rough terrain*. It also includes an audible warning that the driver can set between 20 and 70 degrees.

It's really simple to use as follows:

  • Mount your iPhone vertically or horizontally in a secure cradle on your dashboard
  • Run the App
  • Press 'settings' and choose your vehicle, warning angle and phone orientation.
  • Drive onto level ground and and press "calibrate"
  • That's it! You'll now be shown your vehicle's pitch and roll angles as you drive off road.


4x4 App home screen      4x4 App main screen       4x4 App calibration screen

*Safe driving is up to you, the driver. This device is a tool and a gauge, and it is simply meant to inform you as you learn about your vehicle.